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is a Health & Safety consultancy that supports small to medium sized organisations.

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How we can help your business


We provide an outsourcing service that allows you to effectively employ us to be your Health & Safety person

providing you with a bespoke service for your organisation.


How we work



We understand that every organisation has different challenges and depending on what sector you are involved in we understand what your Health & Safety requirements are.


In a recent survey organisations reported that the biggest restricting factor for Health & Safety is Time Constraints within their workplace.

Working with you

We understand that Managers are busy doing their day to day operations and find it difficult to Manage Health & Safety as well as all their other duties, so for this reason we offer our services to you to take the headache out of Health & Safety.

Health & Safety Packages

Choose a Support Package and we at Health and Safety Scotland will act as your Competent Person ensuring you fulfil your legal requirement.

Health & Safety Pay As You Go

If you do not need on-going support because you manage this in-house but do require occasional support we offer the following services.

Health & Safety Training

Workplace training including: Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, Manual Handling, COSHH, Fire Safety and First Aid

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